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ALS Environmental delivers results with Paragon routing software

Автор: goral   
10.11.2013 17:45

ALS Environmental has selected Paragon routing and scheduling software to plan collections and deliveries of water, earth and air samples for testing at its specialist laboratories. The analytical services company has installed Paragon’s Multi Depot software at its Coventry headquarters for optimising the transport of hundreds of samples a week using its fleet of 3.5 tonne temperature controlled vehicles.

Paragon’s routing and scheduling softwareenables ALS Environmental to plan the routes for all its vehicles and drivers centrally across all the company’s depots as a single planning task. The software adjusts depot boundaries dynamically to ensure calls are routed from the most suitable depot according to fleet availability and the geographic spread of orders on the day.

“Paragon enables me to plan all our collections and deliveries across the UK quickly and efficiently so it is acritical part of our operation. Without the software it would take hours to plan the routes and we wouldn’t be able to provide the high level of service we offer our customers. We import all the jobs directly into Paragon and then the routes and schedules are generated automatically. We print the routes for our drivers directly from the system, so there is no further data entry to do,” says Shaun Millington, Transport Controller, ALS Environmental.

ALS Environmental is part of the ALS group – one of the world’s largest and most diversified analytical testing service providers operating across 55 countries. The company is one of the UK’s leading providers in its field that offers an extensive range of accredited analytical services for water, land and waste monitoring. The company provides its customers with accurate, legally defensible, analytical data.


Source: http://www.warehousenews.co.uk/

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