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‘Adaptive Intelligence’ to help transport operators and users

20.10.2014 16:26

Navman Wireless (www.navmanwireless.com.au/) has launched a business intelligence solution, Adaptive Intelligence. Navman says this will help organisations manage and measure fleet expenditure, with an enhanced ability to leverage their own data for KPI-based decision making and insights into future trends. Every Adaptive Intelligence implementation is customised with a customer’s specific KPI, data integration requirements and user-specific needs.

Adaptive Intelligence is a cloud-based business-intelligence-as-a-service tool that has been designed specifically with enterprise fleet management and operations in mind. It includes a wide set of data, enabling businesses to easily analyse and act upon location-based fleet data and ensure fleets are operating efficiently, productively and safely.

“Traditional business intelligence solutions now have a way to capture data from the ‘plant and people’ part of the equation,” explains Matt Minor, director business intelligence at Navman Wireless. “Adaptive Intelligence enables the enterprise to further drill-down on data and draw informative insights by adapting to an organisations’ customisable needs and software solutions already in place.

“Many organisations struggle to measure fleet expenditure and efficiency, especially when it comes to fuel consumption and idling. However, with Adaptive Intelligence and the integration of Navman Wireless location-based information they’re able to rigorously identify parts of the business with the greatest expense and the most opportunity, and use this information for strategic improvement.”

The system has a built-in reporting suite with over 30 different reporting options and multiple dashboard views. It integrates easily within other systems and software, allowing businesses to capture data and process the information into the platform. With this capability, managers at all levels of the organisation will be able to gain extra visibility into their fleet operations and gather the intelligence required to improve competency and capability across their businesses that rely on field force operation.

With the advanced geo-spatial options in Adaptive Intelligence, managers will now have the capability to assess data in a wider context and bring a different dimension to the management of their fleet.


Source: http://www.tandlnews.com.au/

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