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DB Schenker, MAN Truck & Bus and Hochschule Fresenius are deploying networked trucks for the first time in a practical application in the logistics...
SmartTrans is entering the China logistics market with contract with Yanfeng Visteon Automotive, a major subsidiary of China’s largest auto...
Украинская компания Finova создала технологию удаленной диагностики легковых автомобилей и коммуникации между станциями технического...

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Wavelink has released Velocity (velocity.wavelink.com/), a mobile application platform that is claimed to transform warehouse operations by increasing efficiency through reducing training and improving accuracy, the company claims.

The user-friendly application is said to modernise traditional green screen applications by automatically building modern HTML graphic user interface (GUI), without the high cost of requiring a backend migration or customisation of host applications.

“Velocity is reinventing the industry by simplifying the incorporation of tailored user interfaces, allowing management to better focus on the business and not software development,” said Steve Bemis, vice president, mobile productivity at Wavelink. “The supply chain has lived on green screen technology for more than 30 years. It powers everything delivered to your doorstep or stocked on store shelves and with this new platform, warehouses will see reduced training times and improved productivity and accuracy.”


ALS Environmental has selected Paragon routing and scheduling software to plan collections and deliveries of water, earth and air samples for testing at its specialist laboratories. The analytical services company has installed Paragon’s Multi Depot software at its Coventry headquarters for optimising the transport of hundreds of samples a week using its fleet of 3.5 tonne temperature controlled vehicles.

Paragon’s routing and scheduling softwareenables ALS Environmental to plan the routes for all its vehicles and drivers centrally across all the company’s depots as a single planning task. The software adjusts depot boundaries dynamically to ensure calls are routed from the most suitable depot according to fleet availability and the geographic spread of orders on the day.


CASE (англ. Computer-Aided Software Engineering)

Автоматизированная разработка программного обеспечения.


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