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Vehicle-mounted computer for the warehouse

21.12.2015 08:16

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Zebra has released technology designed to enhance productivity in the Australian manufacturing and transport and logistics sectors. The new Windows 10-ready VC80 is said to virtually extend any PC-based application to material-handling vehicle operators who require mobile access to desktop applications.

Manufacturers, distributors, and transport and logistics (T&L) organisations can use the VC80’s wireless capabilities to seamlessly connect to the host system while roaming, enabling receiving, picking, packing, shipping, cross-dock and replenishment applications. This combination of features allows organisations to run their businesses more efficiently by connecting mobile workers to back-end systems, providing visibility to floor operations.

The VC80 is claimed to be easy to install on forklifts, clamp trucks, yard trucks and cranes, and is built to operate in the toughest indoor and outdoor environments including warehouses, distribution centres, airports, seaports and railway yards.

The VC80 features the full Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7 or Windows 7 Professional operating system (OS) and can be used as a stationary computer off a conveyor system, a dock door, or as a mobile workstation kiosk.

With a field-replaceable touch screen and keypad, the VC80 is repairable right on the spot, eliminating trips to the service depot and maximizing device availability.

Optimised for freezer or cold storage environments with its unique system of smart temperature sensors that control heaters for protection against internal and external condensation, the VC80 also includes a heated touch screen to help improve mobile worker productivity and reduce downtime.

Featuring multiple mounting options, including an optional quick-release mount, the VC80 is easy to install and remove, and it’s built to withstand continuous operations in industrial environments providing businesses with greater efficiencies during scheduled and unplanned maintenance.

The VC80 can easily be equipped with a deployment-ready mobile facility to connect to Zebra mobile printers and handheld scanners, enabling businesses to collect business-critical information and print with ease.

Zebra OneCare Essential Services can significantly reduce unforeseen repair expenses for the VC80 by providing device diagnostics and coverage for normal wear and tear, as well as accidental damage to internal and external components.


Source: http://www.tandlnews.com.au/

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