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«Сканировать» большегрузы на трассах в Свердловской области будут первые интеллектуальные автоматизированные пункты весогабаритного контроля.  Новые...
Американская компания Affectiva, занимающаяся разработкой технологий распознавания человеческих эмоций, представила автоматическую систему определения...
Legislation has passed the Victorian Parliament this week that allows driverless vehicles to be trialled across the state. Under the changes to the Road...

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Zoom2u, a new on-demand express courier service that claims it can save customers up to 40 per cent has launched in Sydney. CEO Steve Orenstein, formerly founder and CEO at Connect2Field, has set up the business “to shake up the courier industry”.

The Zoom2u service delivers any parcel within a 60km radius of Sydney’s CBD in three hours and enables the customer to track and connect with the driver to find out exactly where their parcel is. Zoom2u can also be used to deliver online orders to customers within the day with its ecommerce integration.

“The e-commerce boom in Australia has meant people and businesses are ordering products online, but don’t want to wait days to receive their goods. Like taxis, the courier industry is ripe for disruption. Very little has been done to improve the customer experience, so I’ve set up Zoom2u to change that and respond to customer demand,” said Mr. Orenstein.


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