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PACCAR Leasing Company (PacLease) has rolled out Trimble’s Truck4U telematics system across its new truck rental and leasing fleet in Australia. PacLease...
С 14 мая в столице заработал геолокационный сервис GiveMeALift, который поможет автомобилисту найти попутчика, а пассажиру — того, кто согласится...
Does the US only have to work through a truck driver shortage for another decade or so? Perhaps, as German auto and truck maker Daimler said last week it...

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Navman Wireless (www.navmanwireless.com.au/) has launched a business intelligence solution, Adaptive Intelligence. Navman says this will help organisations manage and measure fleet expenditure, with an enhanced ability to leverage their own data for KPI-based decision making and insights into future trends. Every Adaptive Intelligence implementation is customised with a customer’s specific KPI, data integration requirements and user-specific needs.

Adaptive Intelligence is a cloud-based business-intelligence-as-a-service tool that has been designed specifically with enterprise fleet management and operations in mind. It includes a wide set of data, enabling businesses to easily analyse and act upon location-based fleet data and ensure fleets are operating efficiently, productively and safely.

“Traditional business intelligence solutions now have a way to capture data from the ‘plant and people’ part of the equation,” explains Matt Minor, director business intelligence at Navman Wireless. “Adaptive Intelligence enables the enterprise to further drill-down on data and draw informative insights by adapting to an organisations’ customisable needs and software solutions already in place.


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