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В России открылось 103 офиса обслуживания пользователей автоматизированной системы взимания платы с грузовиков массой свыше 12 тонн в счет возмещения...
Реклама окружает человека повсюду и маркетологи сталкиваются с ростом процента её отторжения. Но все может поменяться в один момент: если креативный...
Готовы люди к этому или нет, но самоуправляемые автомобили-роботы рано или поздно появятся на дорогах практически во всех странах. Компенсируя некоторое...

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Zebra has released technology designed to enhance productivity in the Australian manufacturing and transport and logistics sectors. The new Windows 10-ready VC80 is said to virtually extend any PC-based application to material-handling vehicle operators who require mobile access to desktop applications.

Manufacturers, distributors, and transport and logistics (T&L) organisations can use the VC80’s wireless capabilities to seamlessly connect to the host system while roaming, enabling receiving, picking, packing, shipping, cross-dock and replenishment applications. This combination of features allows organisations to run their businesses more efficiently by connecting mobile workers to back-end systems, providing visibility to floor operations.


Legislation has passed the Victorian Parliament this week that allows driverless vehicles to be trialled across the state.

Under the changes to the Road Safety Act, VicRoads will be able to grant permits to individuals or organisations wanting to conduct on road trials of automated vehicles.

The government believes this legislation will encourage national and international industry leaders to develop this emerging technology in Victoria , which will mean more jobs and opportunities for Victorians.

Minister for Roads and Road Safety Luke Donnellan has also announced a $9 million grant program for researchers and industry, as part of the Towards Zero Road Strategy and Action Plan. 


New funding of $1.7 million recently announced by the federal and New South Wales governments for trials of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) technologies has been welcomed by national peak body Intelligent Transport Systems Australia.

The Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program funds pioneering projects involving heavy vehicle to infrastructure communication technologies to make roads safer.


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